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The first World Cup was played in Such runs are called leg byes. Fielding Field placements in cricket are not standardised.

Non-Test first class competitions are usually round-robins amongst several domestic teams. White balls are mainly used in limited overs cricketespecially in matches played at night, under floodlights left.

Facts About the Game of Cricket

The dimensions are in centimetres divide by 2. Such a delivery is called a leg-cutter if the ball moves from the leg side to the off side of a right-handed batsman, or an off-cutter if moves from the off to the leg.

A bit like a baseball in size and hardnessbut the leather covering is thicker and joined in two hemispheres, not in a tennis ball pattern.

Pads, gloves, helmet, etc for batsmen to wear to prevent injury when struck by the ball. When not in use, the helmet or any other loose equipment may be placed on the field usually behind the wicket-keeper, where it is unlikely to be hit by the ball.

The captain of the bowling team may elect to take a new ball at any time after 80 overs have been bowled with the previous ball. Since then, Cricket World Cup has been organized every four years. Test cricket continued to expand during the 20th century with the addition of the West IndiesNew Zealand and India before the Second World War and then PakistanSri LankaZimbabwe and Bangladesh in the post-war period.

The most serious misconduct in a cricket match is of the order of a rude gesture to an opponent or throwing the ball into the ground in disgust. In international test competitions, the countries involved will set rules for how long the matches will take; test matches usually run for a number of days.

Inthe first international cricket match was played.

The History of Cricket

If a fielder leave the field for any reason and then returns during the same innings, he may not bowl until he has been on the field again for as much time as he spent off the field.

There are no regulations regarding identifying marks or numbers on clothing. They were fined 12 d each and ordered to do penance. Unlike the sport of baseball, a cricket bowler is permitted to scuff the ball, which is typically done to make the ball spin in the air.

For a right-handed bowler, the action goes roughly as follows: The rest of the fielders have no special equipment - gloves to assist catching the ball are not allowed to anyone but the wicket-keeper. All of these conditions are recalculated for time lost due to poor weather, at a rate of one over per 4 minutes of lost time.

There is also medium pace bowling, which concentrates more on swing and seam than pace. If such a ball comes to rest in front of the striker, but any distance to the side, the striker is entitled to walk up to the ball and attempt to hit it with his bat.Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played on an oval, grassy field called a ground.

Cricket : A Gentlemen's Game!

In the middle is a narrow strip, called the pitch, with wooden wickets at either end. A cricket. Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of eleven players on a field at the centre of which is a metre (yard) pitch with a wicket at each end, each comprising two bails balanced on three batting side scores runs by striking the ball bowled at the wicket with the bat, while the bowling and fielding side tries to prevent this and dismiss each player (so they are.

Cricket is a team sport for two teams of eleven players each. A formal game of cricket can last anything from an afternoon to several days.

Ten fun facts about Cricket

Although the game play and rules are very different, the basic concept of cricket is similar to that of baseball.

Cricket is played in many formats, but the most popular are TEST CRICKET and ONE DAY cricket. In TEST cricket game goes on for 5 days, with each team batting twice - if time permits. ONE DAY is the most popular format. The game of cricket has become a rage across the globe, especially in countries like England, India, Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, etc.

Millions of cricket fans wait for four years to witness the next World Cup. Cricket Game Facts at gamerisms Cricket Game Facts begins with the fact that the game was developed in the 17th century.

History Of Cricket

As you continue reading, be prepared to be entertained and amused about this popular worldwide sport.

Information about cricket game
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